Test Strategies on Passing HSK 5 Listening (Replay)

2018-04-24 15:44:00

When: May 9 (Wed), 19:00

Address: https://www.eeo.cn/live.php?lessonKey=57a07551b527e579

When teaching HSK listening class, we get all these questions about:

The conservation is too long and I get lost!

There are so many new words I don’t recognize!

It seems like the choices are identical!

No more worries! Join our 30-mins online seminar, 

Ms. Tan will show you test strategies you need in order to get HSK 5 listening done!

Ms.Xiao Tan

An accredited HSK test examiner;

Has rich experience on teaching HSK listening for 5 years.

A clear and easy-to-follow teaching style;

Bilingual in English and Chinese.

      Scan the QR code and add us on WeChat, you can learn more about our online seminars.

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