Vol.2 Billy

2018-11-28 11:13:00

The man in the photo called Billy, comes from Egypt. He has been Tianjin for one month so far. Now he is a student who learnt in Tianjin International Chinese College. This is the first time he came to China, and he is not familiar with Chinese language and Chinese food at all. In terms of Chinese food, he heard that Hot-pot is very famous, so he wants to try it, although he thinks it must be very spicy. He also wants to try other kinds of food, however, Chinese restaurants have too many sorts of food, he always gets lost in the menu when he wants to order something. In the recent days, he is really interested in Peking Roast Duck, and he heart that there are several good restaurants which are famous for roast duck in Tianjin. It is the time to try it.

The thing most attracts he is Chinese high-tech, therefore, one of the most surprising things after he came to China is the high-speed rail. He has many good friends in Beijing. He used to think that it may be difficult to meet his friends because of the long distance. High-speed rail really helps him. He could never think about he can arrive in BJ in only 30 mins. He is a big fan of Pandas, and Sichuan is his dream city to visit. High-speed rail literally save time for him. He hopes that the transportation in his home country, Egypt, could be developed as good as China one day. In normal days, bars are the most popular way to kill time for he and his classmates. “Drink some wine, make some friends, what a perfect life.” He said.

Regarding to Chinese language learning, he will try his best on his schoolwork and he really works hard. He usually takes his textbooks when he goes outside, it is no doubt that reading everywhere is a good habit of him. He hopes he can have a good command of Chinese one day. Besides, Tianjin International Chinese College is the best choice he made, he sincerely hopes more learners can study here.

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