Vol.4 Lan Xiang

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The girl in the photo is LanXiang and comes from Vietnam. She is 18 years old and has been in China for more than one month. Now LanXiang is studying in Tianjin International Chinese College. Due to she has known some Chinese language before, she decided to learn Chinese in China for the further education. With the recommendation of a friend, she went Tianjin International Chinese College. For the leisure time, she likes to listen music, practice Calligraph
y and watch Chinese movies. 

She is very fond of a hit Chinese TV series called ‘The Story of Yanxi Palace’. By discussing the episodes of this TV series with her friends, she has learnt more things about China. She usually goes out to sing songs or watch movies with her classmates. To enrich her after-school life and better accommodate Chinese life, she likes to attend the activities held by college. She likes to sing and dance with her classmates at the event. During these days, she thinks that she can deal with the matters in her life leisurely, she can better communicate with others, and she can also go to many places. Because of the devotion of Chinese culture, she decided to find a job related to Chinese language in her home country after graduated. Promoting Chinese language and Chinese culture is one of her goals in her career development. She said that she has received many helps and concerns from Tianjin International Chinese College, this makes her feel warmer in this autumn.

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