Vol.6 Sultan

2018-11-28 13:39:00

The handsome boy on the photo called Sultan, he comes from the second largest city of Russia-St. Petersburg. Now he has lived in China for two months and he studies in Tianjin International Chinese College. He has many friends who are studying in Chinese universities now. From these friends’ descriptions, he knew that China is a very interesting country with profound history. So he decided to come to China to continue his schoolwork and feel the real Chines
e life by himself. 

He likes workout and playing basketball. In the sports meeting just finishes in our college, he won the men's 100 meters championship at an amazing speed. Chinese traditional food attracts him a lot. He addicts with Sautéed Diced Chicken and Cashew Nuts recently. Apart from this kind of Chinese traditional dish, Chinese dumplings, beef and shrimp all in his favourite food list. Before coming to China, he has learnt more about China through some Chinese movies and TV series. He thinks that Bruce Lee’s films made him have great interests in Chinese Kong Fu. In the future, he wants to stay in China for the further study, so he will learn Chinese language very hard. After class, going to the study room to practice words and listening to Chinese songs are two effective ways to help him improve his Chinese level. In addition, he hopes to make more friends with Chinese people, so that his speaking ability can be improved quickly.

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