Vol.5 Bao Xin and Mei Yue

2018-11-28 13:00:00

The girl stands on the left is Bao Xin, and her friend next to her called Meiyue Jin. They from the same country-Thailand, and they are studying in Tianjin International Chinese College now.Baoxin has been Tianjin for a one and a half months, while Meiyue Jin came to the city earlier than her, she lives in Tianjin for about seven months until now. They knew each other in our college, and quickly, they became close friends in the learning process. Speaking of future plans, both of them want to return their home country to find jobs after they have completed their schoolwork. The Muay Thai Pavilion run by Meiyue Jin’s family has cooperated with many Chinese people,so she wants to learn Chinese and then go to the Muay Thai Pavilion to work as a communication bridge between the two countries. Bao Xin expects to be a translator in a Thailand company called CP. She said that there are a lot of Chinese colleagues in this company and she can get very good salary there. Both of the two girls are the big fans of Chinese food. Some local specialties, such as Mala Tang, Spicy Chicken and Pot Roast are their favorite food. “If there is an opportunity, we want to taste more Chinese food”, they said. When they do not have classes, they have a full after school-life. They usually learn Chinese in the dormitory in the morning, and go to play badminton, roller skating and skateboarding in the afternoon. Jin Meiyue also plays basketball well.They really like the sports and singing activities, especially the Autumn Athletic Meeting just held by our college this morning.

Although they are far away from home now, they don’t feel lonely because they have friends, teachers, food, and beautiful views. They often share their life in China with their families through Face-time, but they also want their family and friends to come to Tianjin to experience the local life in Tianjin.

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