Vol.7 Duan Hong

2018-11-28 14:31:00

Her name is Duan Hong, and she comes from Vietnam. Now she is studying in Tianjin International Chinese College. Before coming to China, she has watched a lot of Chinese TV series and movies, so she was interested in Chinese language very much. When she was in Vietnam, she took about 5 hours to study Chinese every week. Although it is difficult for her to study a new language, by virtue of the enthusiasm to Chinese culture and Chinese language, she worked e
xtremely hard to overcome the language barriers. Now it is early winter in northern areas in China, the cold climate makes she feel very uncomfortable. Chinese food attracts her a lot. She usually eat ‘Braised chicken rice with yellow sauce’ as the lunch with her friends which is one of her favorite dishes in China. She also made many friends here. She always chats late with her friends every night. During the weekend, she likes to hang out with friends, too. They have visited some famous attractions in Tianjin, such as ‘The eyes of Tianjin’, ‘Haihe River’ and ‘Italian style street’. She wants to travel more places because this is one of the most effective way for her to practice Chinese language during the trip. At present, she sets up a little goal for herself: Pass the HSK test and reach 250 points or above. If she achieves this goal, she can apply for the government’s scholarship. She is an excellent Chinese learner, so she has the confidence to achieve it. She will study in China for about five years. After graduated, she wants to return to Vietnam and be a Chinese teacher and Chinese translator. She thinks China gives her unique experience, so she loves China very much.

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