Vol.8 Mo

2018-11-28 14:43:00

This lovely and brave girl from Thailand is Mo. Through recommendation from her teacher, she decided to come to China to study Chinese alone. Now she is studying at our school, Tianjin International Chinese College. She has never been exposed to Chinese language and culture before, so when she came to China, she felt that almost everything is new to her. Sometimes, she also feels strange and lonely. Fortunately, she has made many good friends from our schoo
l who can help her study and her life. Enjoying Chinese food becomes another good habit. She prefers ‘egg fried rice’ and ‘mala tang’. However, the longer she stays in China, the more she misses Thai food. So she turned to her teachers to help her find the delicious Thai restaurants in Tianjin. Our teachers are just like her friends, that’s what Mo thinks. As an foreign student in China, besides the hometown food, she misses her parents the most. So she chats with her parents every day to talk about her life in Tianjin. They chat about Chinese food, weather and her study. In addition to school life, she likes to go out and visit places. Tianjin Eye and Tianta are the two places she likes the most in Tianjin. She also took the bullet train to Beijing to visit her friends. Shopping center is another place she likes to go during weekends. Besides Chinese language, she wants to learn English as well. She said that she would like to go to UK for further education to enrich her knowledge. Mo is considering returning to Thailand and work in the import and export trades field. Making efforts to be a better person is the most important thing for her now.

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