Vol.10 Roger

2018-12-10 10:26:00

This handsome man called Roger and he comes from Lebanon. Now he has lived in China for eight months. Due to his major in university is Bank and Financial, in his plan, he wants to become a business man after gradated in his country. For his business, he decided to come to Tianjin International Chinese College to learn Chinese language. He thinks that this would be really helpful for his import and export trades. When he finishes his courses in our college, he will stay in Tianjin city for his business. In his perspectives, Tianjin is a very convenient city because ts geographic location is close to many places. He can go almost anywhere from Tianjin. In these months, he has been to several big cities of China for travel, such as Xiamen, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. His next destination is Xi’an. He knows that there are a lot of delicious food in this historical city. He really wants to visit it and know more history and cultures about it. In Tianjin International Chinese College, he made many good friends. Except for learning together, he also likes to workout, watch movies and eat local food with his friends. Recently, he and his friends also tried Chinese hot-pot. For him who is passionate about spicy food, he is very fascinated by hot pot.

Roger will return to his home country for the holidays and return to China in January. He also likes hunting, skiing and attending banquet. It seems that this handsome young man has a full daily life. He likes Tianjin very much and he is very grateful to the teachers of Tianjin International Chinese College. Now he can do some simple daily Chinese communication. We hope he can make bigger progress in Chinese learning in the future! 

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