2018-12-14 10:22:00

This man is called KASULE FAIZO. And he also has a Chinese name--丰凯(fēng kǎi). He comes from Uganda, and he is 28-year-old. Now this man has been in China for 3 years. Although he has learnt some professional knowledge taught by English related to innovation management, he did not have any specialized Chinese language training during the graduate studies. 

After finishing his MA degree, he came to Tianjin International Chinese College for Chinese improvement. He made a lot of local friends and they give him a lot of sweet memories as well. He has spent the Chinese traditional festival—the Spring Festival with his friends twice so far. Faizo is also preparing to celebrate the Spring Festival of 2019 with friends at home. The winter in northern China is very cold, he still cannot adapt to the low temperature here. Every winter, he wears thick clothes to defend coldness. He like doing sports, such as basketball and football. However, he does not have enough time for daily workout recently, he studies all the time to improve his Chinese communication ability. He said that he has learnt many new vocabularies and grammars from the class. He has his own learning methods that he always learns Chinese language by watching Chinese cartoons and listening Chinese songs. Three Little pigs is one of his favourite animations.

Chinese food attracts him, too. He likes to eat something spicy when he came to China. Hot-pot, malatang and dumplings are all his favourite food. He has been to several cities for travel: Baoding, Shijiazhuang, Shanghai and Nanjing. Now he wants to apply for his PHD courses for further education. After graduation, he plans to start his own company in Shanghai because of the preferential policy for entrepreneurs released by the government. 

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