Vol.12 The girls from Thailand (1)

2019-04-16 10:34:00

These girls are Su Yuzhen, Zhang Meiyu, Ding Yun, Lin Biao, Lin Baidan, Lin Lin and Bai Fan from Thailand. They have been learning Chinese since elementary school. They have been studying Chinese for more than two years. Because they like Chinese traditional culture very much, they used the time of the holiday to come to Tianjin International Chinese College for short-term study.

Although they only came to Tianjin for a few days, they have already visited many places in leisure time. They even went to the "Asia's most beautiful library" - the Binhai Library that most popular recently. If the teacher doesn`t need to rest, they will go different places every day. Because they feel that China is so attractive, both modern and traditional. 

Learning Chinese is difficult, but they will definitely stick to it. Because their future wish is study at the university in China, and even to develop in China in the long run. We hope that these children will have a bright future and will become a bridge for friendly communication between China and Thailand.

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