Vol.20 Liz from Bolivia

2020-05-29 15:30:00

This beautiful girl is Liz from Bolivia. She is an environmental engineer. Liz has been in China for 8 months. She has been learning Chinese for more than 1 year. Currently, she is studying HSK4 with Tianjin International Chinese College.

Regarding the reasons for learning Chinese, Liz said that in the beginning, she only regarded learning Chinese as her own Hobby. Because she likes learning languages very much, she can now speak Spanish, English and Italian. Liz believes that if you want to know more about the world, the best way is to learn more languages so that you can learn more about the cultures of other countries. Then she came to China as an international student and continued her study of Chinese."A different language is a different vision of life", this is Liz's favorite quote.

For learning Chinese, Liz thinks it's a little bit difficult. At first she felt that listening was difficult, but then it was found that Spoken Chinese was even harder than listening. "Chinese characters have many radicals. Two characters with different radicals have different pronunciations, even if they are very similar. And there could be a history behind every word." Liz thinks this is a difficult thing to remember. But Liz said: "世上无难事,只怕有心人!" Although her spoken Chinese is not very good now, but with constant practice and strong confidence, she will definitely be able to speak fluent Chinese in the future.

Besides speaking, Liz thinks the key to learning Chinese character is to get to know more radicals. "For example, '口', I know what it stands for, so the Chinese characters made up of it must also be about '口'. It's very convenient for us to remember." Liz also believes that associative memory is also a key method. "You can try to remember more than one word at a time, which is also helpful for your memory."

As for Liz's life in China, she also shared many interesting experiences with us. Liz said, "Chinese people are really kind. They are always ready to help me when I am in trouble." The only thing that made her uncomfortable was that some Chinese would spit on the street. "I don't know how to say it in Chinese, but it really makes me uncomfortable." Her favorite Chinese food is fried rice & Beijing roast duck, but unfortunately she can't eat spicy food. Liz has traveled to many cities in China. "I have traveled to many places in China, such as Yunnan, Xi 'an and Chengdu. What impressed me most was Yunnan, where the scenery was really magnificent. I love Yunnan so much! The Great Wall and the Terra-Cotta Warriors also impressed me. China is Amazing."
As for Covid-19, Liz is very resigned. "Now the face-to-face courses have all stopped and become online. I couldn't afford to waste this precious time, so I found TICC and learned Chinese from TICC. But unfortunately I can't travel anywhere else. Originally I also planned to go to several cities, such as Zhangjiajie, to travel, but now I can't now." Liz said that the TICC course is very interesting. And at the same time, some interesting Chinese learning content will be sent out regularly every day, which is very helpful to her. However, the epidemic still had a lot of impact on her, because she could not go out at ordinary times, which reduced many opportunities to practice her spoken Chinese, so she had to seize the time to practice her speaking in the online course. However, Liz is also very optimistic, "when the situation is good, enjoy it. when the situation is bad, transform it. when the situation cannot be transformed, transform yourself, this is from the book, Man's search for meaning by Victor Frankl." Liz replied with a smile. This epidemic made her remember this famous quote deeply.

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