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1392   2018-11-14

Vol.12 Express Delivery

Nov.11st of each year, Taobao /Tmall will hold a promotion event with great discounts. This shopping carnival day is com...
1509   2018-11-05

Vol.10 Online Shopping

1676   2018-11-05

Vol.9 Take-out Service

Nowadays, take-out service has become more and more popular among young people.
1746   2018-10-31

Vol.8 Hospital

If you are not feeling well, don not worry about the barriers of different languages between you and the doctor, here ar...
For oversea students in China, getting a Chinese debit card can make their life easier.
Some Chinese discount and group purchase apps can save the money for you which cover a wide range of restaurants, cinema...
1483   2018-09-30

Vol. 5 Bike-Share

Now in China, the bike-sharing services is sweeping across almost every corner.
1598   2018-09-18

Vol. 4 Airport Pick-up

When you step out of the airport, the pick-up service will help you go to the hotels you reserved straightly.

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