Enrollment for International Students

2018-08-01 13:35:40    admin    718

Tianjin International Chinese College Enrollment for International Students

  • Application process:

1.Prepare application materials and send them to admissions@ticc.net.cn;
2.Conduct online interviews;
3.If admitted, pay an application fee of 500 RMB ;
4.We will mail out the admission letter and JW202 form in 10 work days;
5.Apply for a student visa in the Chinese Consulate in your home Country;

6.Enter China with your X1/X2 visa; arrange for an airport pick-up if needed, and complete registration at our college.

  • Application materials to be submitted:

1.Completed Application Form for International Student, which can be downloaded from our website www.ticc.net.cn;


2.Scanning copy of the personal information page of your passport;


3.Scanning copy of the certificate of your highest diploma;


4.Scanning copy of the transcript of your highest diploma;


5.Physical examination form(Scanning or electronic copy);


6.Chinese language proof such as HSK or HKC certificate (if any).

  • Fee structure: