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758   2018-09-03

University Introduction Sticky

Study in China ---How to Apply for A Chinese University Learning abroad is a good opportunity to broaden horizons,enrich...
7   2020-08-04

Vol.228 评价 (evaluate)

When you shop online, in addition to prices and details, you may also pay attention to reviews. This is probably the mos...
10   2020-08-03

Vol.227 汗 (sweat)

At the end of July, China enters the "Great Heat" solar term, symbolizing the hottest time of the year. Almost all the c...
1. 入学 Rù xué entrance   2. 注册 Zhù cè register   3. 学生会 Xué shēng huì student union office ...
After you've been waiting in line for more than 15 minutes, you'll get this feeling: "不耐烦". It is used to describe ...
9   2020-07-30

Vol.225 可爱 (cute)

There is a sentence on the Chinese Internet that describes a person who likes cute things very much: "I have no resistan...
7   2020-07-29

Vol.224 空气 (air)

Air is the gas that man breathes every day. It is mainly composed of oxygen, covering the earth's surface, and has an im...
7   2020-07-28

Vol.223 有名 (famous)

There are many famous tourist attractions in the world. For example, The Yellowstone Geological Park in the United State...
9   2020-07-27

Vol.222 称呼 (named)

“称呼” refers to the appellation between people in communication. Due to identity and other reasons, people have a va...

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