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671   2018-09-03

University Introduction Sticky

Study in China ---How to Apply for A Chinese University Learning abroad is a good opportunity to broaden horizons,enrich...
24   2020-02-05

Vol.157 团结(Unity)

25   2020-02-03

Vol.155 运气(Luck)

Introversion is a word that describes a person's personality. Introverts usually have the following personality traits: ...
66   2020-01-15

Vol.157 预防(Prevent)

In autumn and winter, the climate is cold and dry, and it is easy to get sick in such a season. Therefore, today we will...
The zodiac sign is called "星座" in China. It originated as a method of divination in ancient Greece. In this theory, each...
Outgoing is a type of personality opposite to introverted. Outgoing person usually have the following personality featur...
67   2020-01-10

Vol.154 地图(Map)

In modern society, the most indispensable apps on mobile phones when going out is probably the smart maps. Currently, th...
74   2020-01-09

Vol.153 平安(Peace)

"平安" means peace and security. This word is often used in China to bless others. In recent days, Australia's forest fire...
When writing articles, the most common and most overlooked mistake is the use of punctuation. In terms of writing Chines...

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