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130   2018-09-03

University Introduction Sticky

Study in China ---How to Apply for A Chinese University Learning abroad is a good opportunity to broaden horizons,enrich...
4   2018-12-14


This man is called KASULE FAIZO. And he also has a Chinese name--丰凯(fēng kǎi). He comes from Uganda, and he is 28-year-...
7   2018-12-10

Vol.10 Roger

This handsome man called Roger and he comes from Lebanon. Now he has lived in China for eight months. Due to his major...
11   2018-12-04

Vol.9 Kunanon Suebjarkkosee

  His name is Kunanon Suebjarkkosee, a cute boy from Thailand. He is young and shy, at the age of 18-year-old. Now ...
15   2018-11-28

Vol.8 Mo

This lovely and brave girl from Thailand is Mo. Through recommendation from her teacher, she decided to come to China t...
18   2018-11-28

Vol.7 Duan Hong

Her name is Duan Hong, and she comes from Vietnam. Now she is studying in Tianjin International Chinese College. Before...
15   2018-11-28

Vol.6 Sultan

The handsome boy on the photo called Sultan, he comes from the second largest city of Russia-St. Petersburg. Now he has...
19   2018-11-28

Basketball Coach

15   2018-11-28

Vol.5 Bao Xin and Mei Yue

The girl stands on the left is Bao Xin, and her friend next to her called Meiyue Jin. They from the same country-Thaila...
21   2018-11-28

Vol.4 Lan Xiang

The girl in the photo is LanXiang and comes from Vietnam. She is 18 years old and has been in China for more than one m...
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